2000: Nagamine Projects, Tokyo. (Solo Exhib -cooperation w/Christian Heide) (Catalouge)

Stalke Gallery, Copenhagen. (Solo Exhib. -Together with Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen)

"Wunderwelt" Artagents Gallery, Hamborg. (Group exhib.)

"Wonderfull Copenhagen", Stadtgallerie Kiel. Kiel

"DIVE IN". Kunstpanorama, Lucern.(Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

Portraitartig. Thomas Rehbein Gallery, Cologne. (Group exhib.)

Sparwasser HQ, Berlin. (Group exhib.)

SHOOT, Malmø Kunsthall, Malmø. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"On the trace off...". Nikolaj Contemporary ArtCenter. (Group exhib.)

366/2000. Muka Gallery, New Zealand.(Group exhib.)

Mønstring. Rhizom. Århus. (Group exhib.)

Standart- Nordic LiveArt. Göteborg (Group exhib.)

Liste2000, W/ Stalke Gallery. Basel. (Group exhib.)


1999: Utopia/distopia, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City. (Group exhib.)

"Signs og Life", Melbourne International Biennial, Melbourne. (Group exhib.)(Catalouge)

"New Life", Nagamie Projectroom, Tokyo. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

Nasubi Gallery, Cities On the Move, Louisiana Humlebæk. (Group exhib.)(Catalouge)

Artnode.dk, National museum of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen. (Catalouge)

Young and Serious - Recycled Image, Mucsarnok/Kunsthalle Budapestt. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"I love nature", OTTO. Copenhagen. (Group exhib.)

The Pineapple, Danish Video, Malmö. (Group exhib.)

On Paper, Stalke Gallery copenhagen. (Group exhib.)(Catalouge)

"Vision of Periphery", Carlos Falchi Galleri New York. (Group exhib.)(Catalouge)

Liste99, W/ Stalke Gallery. Basel. (Group exhib.)


1998: Akershus Artcenter. Oslo. (Solo Exhib.)

"Med på et afbud", Specta Gallery. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"Out of the North". Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

10 Years. Stalke Gallery. Copenhagen. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"Wrapped". West Zealand Art Museum. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"Copenhagen Special", Depot. Vienna. (Group exhib.)

artnode.dk, Autum-Exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"X-mas Show". Specta Gallery. Copenhagen. (Group exhib.)

"Copenhagen Special", Universitet of fine arts, Linz. (Group exhib.)

"Looped", artspace#4, artnode.dk. (Group exhib.)

Videos auf Kopenhagen, Oberwelt, Stuttgart. (Group exhib.)


1997: "Cellar", OTTO. Copenhagen. (Group exhib.)

Louisianna-Exhibition 1997, Humlebæk. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

artspace #3. artnode.dk.

Stalke Gallery, Copenhagen. (w. Annika Ström & Thorbjørn Bechmann) (Catalouge)

"Young Danish Art", Ringsted Gallery (Stalke out of space) (Group exhib.)


1996: "Elektroniske Understrømme", National museum of Contemporary Art. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"filme/clubhouse", Frankfurt am Main. (Group exhib.)

Project Room, Stockholm SmartShow. Stockholm. (Group exhib.)

"Coming up", Stalke Kunsthandel, Copenhagen. (Group exhib.)

"When the Shit Hits the Fan", Ovengaden. Copenhagen. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"Moviebox", Videoudst. Copenhagen. (Group exhib.)

"Update", Copenhagen. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"ArtGENDA". East-Sea Biennial, Copenhagen. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"Hey how are You" ( #1), Charlottenborg, Copenhagen. (Group exhib.)

"Hey how are you" ( #2), Galleri Eat me, Copenhagen. (Group exhib.)

"Copenhagen Cyberport 1996". Nikolaj Conyemporary Art Center. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"Fra Alle os..." Room 46, Århus. (Group exhib.)

"Second Annual report", artsp@ce copenhagen. World Wide Web. (Grup.udst)


1995: "One night stand". Gallerie Struts. Oslo (Group exhib.)

"Last show". Ovengaden, Kulturministeriets udstillingshus for nutidig kunst. (Solo Exhib.)*

"Container". Brandts klædefabrik og Fyns Kunstakademi, Odense. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"Timeslice". National museum of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

Art Copenhagen. Forum, Copenhagen. (Group exhib.)

artsp@ce copenhagen, World Wide Web. (Group exhib.)*

Masters at work, Århus. (Solo Exhib.)


1994: Galleri North. Copenhagen. (Solo Exhib.)*

"Social Videofestival". Artspace N55 Copenhagen. (Group exhib.)*

"Project Gl. Kongevej". Copenhagen. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)*

"Sunshine" Galleri North. Copenhagen. (Solo Exhib.)*

"Social-Technic". Gallery Høegsberg. Århus. (Solo Exhib.)*


1993: Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)**

"January 93". Ovengaden. Copenhagen. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"May 93" Ringsted gallery. Ringsted. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)*

"Body works". Århus. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)*


1992: Charlottenborgs Spring Exhibition. (Group exhib.) (Catalouge)

"Basic trust" Ovengaden, Copenhagen. (Solo Exhib.)**


* In cooperation with Martin Pingel & Christian Heide.

** In cooperation with Martin Pingel, Christian Heide & Jan Sander.


Other activity:

Founder of artspace copenhagen & artnode.dk. (www.artnode.dk)

Curatorial prax: artspace 1-3. artnode.dk

"Wrapped" West Zealand Artmuseum, 1998.

"Bad curating - Party art", 1995

"Serval subjects" Video-comp. Projectroom, Stockholm Smartshow. Sverige 1996.