...You had been a source of inspiration to me for many years. I fell in love with my wife (Cheri) listening to you. I learned to love all people and dropped the farmer attitude thanks to you. I was able to resist the attentions of a femme fatale and realize what was most important to me, thanks to you. These experiences have been major turning points in my life, and in some small way your music was always there to help. If listening to Careless Whisper doesn't stir the emotions of a cheating heart, then that heart is cold and will never know what it is like to be loved, or how it feels to truly lovesomeone (mind, body, and soul).




 ...Someone said to me that your hair makes you look like a dictator... Well my mom said you look like Lenin (who led the Russion revolution in 1817). Get pictures of the any other of the famous Russian revolutionaries of that time, they all have the same style like you.



...OK. I live in Britain. I am not a fan of many years, just 13 months. I'm afraid, but in that time I have grown up out of my adolescent years and realized a whole lot more about myself. Now I come to the part, plain and simply, I want to meet you. I'm not a crazed fan, but really want to meet the real thing and need your advice on a few personal issues.




 ...I have met you three times, and you're NOT 6 foot tall. In fact, you're only a few inches taller than I (I am 5' 4" tall). My fiance Patrick was with me once when I met you, and Patrick towered over you (Patrick is 6'2").



 ...I just got home, and the very first thing that I decided to do, is to get to the keyboard and let you know about what happened to me. Please don't get me wrong, I don't want to lecture anyone. I just want to get things off my chest in hope that it will make me feel better.

Today, someone whom I love very dearly told me that two weeks ago she was diagnosed with a fatal form of cancer. She has got only about six to eight months to live. And I know that there are many people with this terrible disease, but she is only 24 and I am only 22. It is a time when you think that you're invincible. But you're not. This news has really hit me. Firstly, it was impossible for me to comprehend it. Apart from her doctor, I am the only person who knows about that.

She asked me not to give her any preferential treatment and to not feel sorry for her; she wants to spend the rest of her life happy. So, to make her happy I tried all my best to make her happy. I put a happy face to that game. But I knew that there will be a moment that our emotions will just explode sooner or later. I realised that I cannot be happy. It is impossible. How can somebody feel good if somebody is going through so much.

And that moment, when our emotions just couldn't take anymore, happened while I was taking her home in my car and we were listening to George Michael (who else). During "The Strangest Thing", we both just started crying. It was the first time in many, many years that I cried; one day I almost thought that I forgot how to cry. I guess, today my emotions just came out.

I realised, that the main reason why people love you, is that you has this enormous talent to put all the emotions onto paper, and then express them while singing. "Jesus to a Child" has a completely different meaning to me now. I think I have, since today, a different view of life. And I think that everyone should be really thankful to you for all that you've done, because you can express all peoples' emotions, especially as most of us cannot express them ourselves.

And soon, I think the song "Jesus to a Child" will have a completely new feeling again. And as usual, there will be GM's songs there to lift me up, as they did so many times during my life. The only thing they cannot do is to bring happiness to my life.

Thanks for letting me spout off . . .

ttfn, Kel


 ...I've heard the Whigfield cover of Last Christmas... and I saw the VIDEO....It was scary... I've never wanted to be temporarily deaf before I heard that song... and it happened again when Robbie Williams covered Freedom. - Please Don't let them do this, George!!!



 ...I remember when I was 11 or 12, I was mad at my friend Angela. Over something as ridiculous as the fact her initials are the same as Andrew's. So I wrote this story about us being Princesses and you and Andy being these princes who came to my rescue saving me from the evil Princess Angela! The story ended with me being fought over by Andy and you and then me choosing you to be my Prince Charming.




...I've been thinking alot about why I am a fan because I was feeling alittle disenchanted myself. But I had to remind myself that you're just a person with faults and shortcomings like the rest of us. We fan create images of what we want and think our favorite celebreties are like. And when they don't live up to our expectations we become very judgemental. I think I felt like you being more upset about the weed thing than anything else. You did smoked for ages now and even though I think smoking is a disgusting habit I didn't let that make me like you any less. (OK. I'm currently listening to the Bangles, and the track now playing is Hero Takes a Fall, just by luck I swear. And I don't feel bad at all now that the hero's taken a slight fall, I just take solace that I can go about my work the hard way.)

I defended you about not being gay when I first became a Whammy! As a young teenaged girl I couldn't image someone I adored wasn't straight. I think I've always thought in the back of mind that you was gay but I didn't ever allow myself to say it to anyone until recently. It wasn't until "Older" that I just said okay I give up, it's your life not mine. I just sat down and read the lyrics without playing the CD and for some reason they came across in a much different light. Even "Blue" and "A Different Corner" have a different meaning to me now. But basically I asked myself why I love you George. I came to the conclusion that its not for your sexuality(and regardless of what anybody thinks about you, no one can deny that you're not SEXY!!)it's because I think you are a gifted artist and musician with an incredible voice. I guess during your hiatus from the music scene I adopted the notion of "outta sight outta mind". I almost felt like I was "outgrowing" you, maybe because in my heart I felt like I couldn't honestly defend your sexuality. But as a fan I realise that that is not my job. I can only defend the intergrity and creativity of your music. A lot of people are very critical of you now and I would ask all of those people: First, have you walked in Georges's shoes? and second, can you do what he does as an artist and musician? I think I would get a resounding NO for both of those questions.

Tina , Germany


 ...I think whatever your sexuality might be, it certainly won't affect my desire to buy/listen to your records. Whatever your personal life may involve, I leave it aside. Besides I would be mightily pissed off myself if people were to base their opinions about me due to my sexuality!!! I know a lot of people were also disappointed since they give you this Zeus image but we also have to remember that even if you're Greek, you're still mortal and you will do what anymortal person would do when depressed, confused, or feeling insecured.

I realize that Older was an incrediably personal album (which in more ways made it the best thing you ever done to date in my opinon) and I understand the difficulty you must have had in writing it. (Listening to it was not exactly easy either. How could you not feel like you were reading someone's journal without their permission, or even worse, with their permission while they were sitting in the same room with you?) However finding out that those beautiful words and feelings came out of a drug induced haze hurts.

Ethan, Austria


 ...As much as I hated waiting for this album to come out, I would do it all over again (and more) if that meant that you would put together an album without the drugs. I don't want you to end up like so many other artists out there that for some reason or another feel like they have to do it to still be who they think they need to be. I do not want to add his obit to my scrapbook with the phrase "drug related death" attached.

However, as my friend pointed out YOU'RE ONLY HUMAN. (To which I immediatly replied "No he's not he's GEORGE.") I am going to try and do as asked and "do not judge/ please be there for me" (my lyrics are a little off but you get the idea) I have no idea what it is like to lose someone you love like you did, I have no idea what I would do in the same situation. I am going to try to Listen Without Prejudice....

Carolyn, Dallas



... Since the age of about seven, I've been a huge record collector. My friends and i collected everything by Wham! Everything. I think it was around the time that 12"s were introduced, which we thought was great because Wham! were always so polular in discos. When "Careless Whisper" was released I loved it - and yes, I did some slow dances to it - and so when you left Wham! in 1986, it seemed natural to continue buying your records. I used to do a club act where I'd sing and play piano and I always did "Careless Whisper", but I never hoped, even secretly, that i could one day be anywhere near as successful as George Michael. I always used to think Rick Astley was more realistic....Of course, it's a great compliment when people compare me to you, but then again I've got to do my own thing. What I find really useful is to look at the way you handled things and react accordingly. I remember being so disappointed when he stopped doing interviews and stopped appearing in videos for a while.

In a way, you are as important now as ten years ago. Not so long ago, I went to Blackpool with some friends and we played all the old Wham! records. They all sounded so classic, like Sixties records must do to my parents.

Frank ,UK


 ...I don't understand why some people are getting upset by your being so honest. They are only getting upset because they themselves have created this illusion of George in their own minds. You had never said much about yourself, so people just assume things themselves and then believe them to be true - that is down to them. You cannot condem a man for something when you yourselves have decided what you think about him is the truth. We basically don't know anything about you because you're so private.

Denise UK


...1. Your sexuality: there is a world of difference between a bi-sexual and a homosexual. I know a couple of bi's and they would shudder if someone referred to them as homosexual. In an artists world, the possibility of running into a bi is greatly increased. They see it as another experience to be savoured, or as a catalyst for a new frame of reference, whatever that may be- it depends on the person involved. How do I know this? Well my wife is an artist, and during our courtship she was still attending college, were I was exposed to many new ideals, lifestyles and trains of thought. Mind you, this was not easy for a "head banger" , homophobic, "red-neck" to absorb. Eventually I began to recognize that everyone is the same: we all want to be loved and treated with respect. The point I'm getting at is: big deal!, so maybe you're bi, it is not the end of the world, and besides, if was the right woman you would still fall for her, so all those female fans can keep on dreaming. Only now you have to share that dream with a few men. My wife and I have had the feeling that you was bi a long time ago, andeven joked about it from time to time. Something like- "If you're a bi, then you're my kinda bi." "Oh Jim, you're dreaming."

Steve Californien


 ...Waiting for that day...when you come back and helps create some more fabulous memories...

Darlene, Texas


 ...Let me begin by saying that there is noone in this world that has expressed their thoughts in an artistic form so brilliantly than you. I have listened to you since the Wham days and still to this day cannot go without listening to one of your songs daily. In public occurances I find myself defending you when people make fun of my listening to wham. I reply you must listen before you judge. I am from America and have done some traveling in my time Worldwide. You'll find that people in general don't give you a chance because of you not being mainstream. Only to there loss..... You've had an extreme emotional impact on my life and I'm sure you will continue to do so ?

Thanks and don't you dare stop writing songs




 ...It was April of 1988 and I was 12 years old. Tickets had been announced for your tour, and my mother had no luck getting tickets. I was depressed for months, until three days before the concert in August, when my mother announced that she had gone to a ticket broker, paid an outrageous price and gotten the two of us tickets on the floor! (I pay brokers to this very day, right after getting crappy seats for the C2C tour, and have not sat in the stands since, they're not really bad people.)

Well, we got to the show, this little 12 year old excited out of his mind to be seeing you live. Only one problem...I was a short little kid. Even now, at 19, I'm only 5'6". So when the concert started everyone stood up...and I freaked out. I couldn't see a thing. (This is still a problem!).

Luckily, the big guy sitting in the seat next to me had seen me upset (and we had chatted before the concert), and decided to do me what was the nicest favor ever: he let me stand on the back of his chair, behind him, with my hands leaning on top of his shoulders. I was able to see the entire concert this way, and although it was probably irritating him (my hands and the fact that this kid was singing all the words to the songs!), he never said a word.

The concert that night was amazing. The opening and closing with "I Want Your Sex" was amazing, and the lighting was the best. It ranks my #2 favorite concert ever (#1 is the Who's Quadrophenia I saw this summer)- I will never forget the excitement that I had.



 ...I picked up on the fact that you admitted to being a Tony Blair/Labour party fan, which has won you many many gold stars in my book, and the fact that you doesn't mind paying more tax as long as its a left wing government that is spending your money. And that you hated Thatcher.

-Three cheers to a pop star who thinks more about social issues and what is right and wrong, than his own wallet.

Alice, UK


...This dear friend Carla and I met at the Faith Concert in Philadephia on August 9, 1988 briefly. A month later, I started my first day of college at Temple University and was scared out of my pants being there, but who ended up in the first college class I ever walked into but Carla - and all was better. We became friends and she played my body guard, as well as one of my best friends, while in that section of Philly.

But since 1990, we've lost touch - I moved, she transferred to a different university - but I've never forgotten her. I know she's still a faithful fan of you - that's how we met, that's what we shared and that's what turned into a great friendship.

Jason, Rochester, NY


...About the haze problem, you must think that cannabis always was used a lot the last century (buy it has been used for the last 4000 years) and it was first declared illegal on 1937 when the USA government realized that making alcoholic drinks illegal wasn't successful. The American Medical Associationbegan a campaign against natural medicine in order to sell expensive chemical drugs. The problem began in 1943 when the USA government had to obly to cultivate hemp (the plant that produces cannabis) to fabricate ropes. Another strike appeared when nylon was produced because hemp ropes weren't necessary anymore. In fact hemp doesn't create addiction (neither physical nor psycological) and in 4000 years of use nobody has ever died of a hemp overdose. I don't smoke hemp myself, maybe because I don't smoke, but I've a lot of friends who do and they are completely normal, they aren't addicts nor robbers, some of them even have superior degrees in Universities (some of them even have a doctorate).

...I'd worry about you (about you and about anyone with the same problem) if you went into coca or heroin, but not hemp.



 ...I was thinking about Elvis a while ago-a man loved by so many and so completly screwed up in the end. He carried around tons of pills, people knew about what they were doing to him yet no one had the courage to do something about it. That is the problem with being famous, people would rather kiss your ass then tell you the truth. I just hope to God you don't go for something stronger the next time something bad happens to you. I think you are too smart for that but I also thought you was too smart to allow a drug to become a necessity in the writing process!

...I also saw a HUGE poster of you with long blond hair that I may have to buy....

Stephanie H.


 ... I think Wham is so funny, for some reason I just have to laugh when I think about it. It was the center of my life when I was 12-13. Anyway, I was listening to all of Andrew's little comments between songs at the concert and so today I WANT WHAM! BACK! Do you remember when you use to smile?



 ...I was at a very nice Thai restaurant with an old friend two weeks ago and my friend was telling me and our waiter (a real cutie!) about her new boyfriend. She then whipped out a picture of her new boyfriend from her wallet, then our waiter whipped out a picture of his ex-girlfriend, then another waiter walking by whipped out a picture of his fiancee'...so being the person always seeking the laugh that I am, whipped out my wallet announcing my "someone special"...of course it was four pictures (really they are stickers) of you from the "Different Corner - look" days. Of course they were all great pictures, but what was funny was the others were commenting on how "sincere," "reflective," and good-looking my someone special was...it gave me a chuckle that they didn't recognize you until I let the cat out of the bag....but let me tell you, those pictures light up my day - everyday - and in rare occasions like I just recounted, they come in handy conversationally...



...Hummm, I love you, George Michael!!!

...I fell happiness inside my heart when I see the friends I love being Happy!!!

That is the true love!!!! Everybody would be pure like that, we would have a magic world around us, if everybody fells love inside their hearts.Love is quimical, is magic, is natural is nice!! God loves it , I am sure!!!! If you have this kind of feelings inside you, you have a heart so precious like a diamond!!! You're like that!! I can see your soul!!! you're like the rainbow!!! You're like a magnific bird, flying inside our heart!!!

George Michael is really unique!! you're the best!!! you're natural,magic, sensual, kind and special.Hummmm when I listen to you singing, hummmmmm, I go till the plenitude!!!! I love you very much!

George Michael, you have my heart!!!! I am yours!!

Thank you.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


...I hardly ever go to the bar, let alone a dance club, but I went out a few weekends ago after a few stressful weeks of school. Ok, I was at this club, if you can call it that, and I was dancing with a few of my lady friends and I asked one of them if the DJ took requests. I think she said yes, but I didn't do anything about it. So anyway after a few songs they played the Macarena. No offense to anyone who likes it, but I just had to get off the floor.

So then they played some decent music and I was back out there. All of a sudden they played FastLove. I've never heard a GM song in a club, ever. I never cut a rug like I did just then either. The video was played too, but it didn't seem to be the US version. I'm thinking it was the uncut version whit Fony headphones, but I wasn't watching the screen the whole time.

I just bored you with the details, baby now, "I just want to have some fun."



 ...As you may don't know yet, I'm doing my french military service in Paris this year (tooooooo bad!). During lunch time, we used to hear the radio with music programs (usualy techno and commercials) Today, they changed the tuning and when I came into the room with my HORRIBLE meal, they were just playing OLDER. I felt very surprised. This can happen everyday in shops, public places... but I wasn't expecting it in that place.

The meal was still HORRIBLE, but the mood was better!

David, Paris


 ... I went out on Fridaynight to a local club which was playing shitty music all night with no one dancing so I requested that he play GM. I was horrified when he said he didn't have any (not even Fastlove) which was a huge hit here in Australia. I then said OK do you have any Wham, the only one he had was Wake Me Up... So he played it and the dance floored was packed. I noticed that everyone knew the words and everyone was dancing like you (the shot with the fluro flingerless gloves holding himself (how cute). I was so pleased. Funny thing though the dance floor emptied once it finished. -One more thing not one man came up to dance.

Fiona, Australien


 ...I was packing some of my old stuff in all the same size boxes and came across an old high school program from 10 years back, don't laugh, (smile)yes, I am an old fart of only 28 years old, and it was from our Class of '86 Senior Skit Night. I was listed on there and I sang one of your songs, which was A Different Corner. I also had several photos taken of me singing this song and it was so much fun and brought back a lot of memories. I also got a huge applause and the crowd loved it. I just really wish that my parents video taped it because they did tape my graduation.

James , Chicago


...Well, just to give you an idea of what kind of a fan I am: when I was in primary school, I entered a lip-synching contest and showed off my butt GM-style while swinging to "Faith" with a guitar, leather jacket, shades and stubble painted on my face with brown makeup. I came in second place...the winners were two guys doing a duet of "Time of My Life" from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, one guy dressed up as the woman singing.

When does your tour begin next year? Will you be performing in Canada- -Montreal or Toronto?



...On Saturday my best friend and I went to see a George Michael tribute band at a place in New Cross called the "Venue" The Venue is a really large place (an old cinema or suchlike with loads of stairs and corridors and bars on three different levels). We were just coming up the stairs into the main band area and I heard "Freedom" playing as we walked in and thought they were playing the record to get everybody warmed up for the gig.

I could just about make out the stage and saw people moving around. As we made our way to the front I realised that this guy was actually singing. He looked like YOU in the Faith days - jeans, leather jacket, stubble, earrings etc. He sounded the absolute exact of the "real" George. I couldn't believe it. As he went through song after song, I completely lost myself (what with the odd lager as well!!) and thought for a split second it was the real thing!! He even did your dance style perfectly. Then I came to and thought maybe he was miming he sounded so good, but then realised that he WAS actually singing. He disappeared for about five minutes then came back in the current look - dark suit, shades etc and continued for about another 20 minutes. He did a couple of encores and then it finished. My friend said she looked at me half way through and said I was completely mesmerised! I then had to be dragged off to the bar as he wasn't coming back anymore.

About half an hour or so later my friend told me he had just walked passed us at the bar and out the door somewhere. Another half an hour later he walked passed again - this time I did not miss my opportunity. I tapped his arm as he went passed and he stopped to chat. I tried not to sound too gushing about him (which Deb said I didn't really manage to do), but I honestly could not believe how like you, he sounded and just had to tell him. The next thing I knew he was holding my hand and taking me into one of the corridors by the stage. My friend informed me the next day, that I apparently whispered into her ear that I was just going for a chat with George Michael!!! I think my fantasy and reality world started to get a bit mixed up then. He led me by the hand and we had about a 15 minute chat out in the corridor. Close up he looked more like the old Faith George, not the image of him but with the clothes, etc he did. He was a really nice guy.

Nikki, London