404 Not Found // Retrospective exhibition
ARTNODE at Den Frie udstillinsbygning

6 installations: The Museum, Status Room, Total Recall and User's Club - Ofline, The Market & File room
Since their inception in 1994, Artnode have explored the potentials and problematics of the Internet and the opportunities to expand the aesthetic field through formal, institutional and social means. In both optimistic and critical tone, Artnode continue to revisit the Internet as a place for the production and distribution of artistic practice; from the early years, when the modem would roar for several minutes, to the more advanced technology of today. The exhibition 404 Not Found is a manifestation of this exploration, with a focus on the development of the Internet and its current effect on the digitized human being and society.

See the online catalogue here and Users Club from 2001

Articles & reviews:

En note om Artnode, IDOART, 14 jan 2017 af Jens Tang Kristensen
Udgravning i de digitale ruiner, Kunsten.nu, 21 nov 2016 af Søren Martinsen
Rigtige netkunstpionerer elsker fejlkoder, Kunsten.nu, 3 feb 2017 af Kristian Handberg
Netkunstpionerer lægger netkunsten i graven, Information, 3. feb 2017 af Pernille Lystlund Matzen

Thanks to:

Statens Kunstfond
Den FrieUdstillingsbygning
Statens Værksteder

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