Video | 15 min | 2014

In 1968 Robert Smithson visited Mono Lake in California together with Nancy Holt and Michael Heizer.
Their intention was to make a movie about the Lake and to look for Thinolite.

After their return Heizer and Smithson choose the music and made the soundtrack for the film.
The film was never finished, and Smithson stated afterwards that the film is in a state of chaos and a "thing he only want to show to a few people".

In 2004 Nancy Holt made a film based on the existing material from that summer day with Smithson and Heizer. Her film was entitled Mono Lake, and first shown at "Robert Smithson Retrospective" at the museum of Conetemporary Art in Los Angeles.

In April 2013 I went back to Mono Lake to finish the film the way I imagine Robert Smithson would have made it and like Nancy Holt, I made use of the original material, but mixed it with my own recordings.


Assistant Director & Scriptwriter : Christian Wodstrup Christiansen
Assistant Director & Camera#2 : Jacob Lillemose
Production & studio Sound Mixer : Jakob Schack Glæsner

Orginal material by Robert Smithson, Michael Heizer and Nancy Holt.
Soundtrack Readings: Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson.
Recorded July 27, 1968.

A Holt/Smithson Video © Nancy Holt & EAI

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