"Touched by Your Presence"
Nikolaj Recke & Christian Heide

"Touched by Your Presence"
Nagamine Projects, Tokyo @ 2000

See here for a 2002 version of "Touched by Your Presence" in Hamborg

An echo was build into the Gallery.

When facing the empty space, the viewers will hear their echoed voices, which are distorted and delayed unnaturally like a stranger. In all the walls there where hidden speakers repeating everything spoken.

An interchanging between reality and fictionally reality, where the audiences only fixpoint is them self. The "delayed self" as an tool, for learning about your self.

Catalogue text by Itaru Hirano: The delayed Self.

Touched by Your Presence in Hamborg

See the videodocumentation.

Performance by Kazumi Nikaido at the opening.