Nikolaj Starinsky von der Recke Beckmann b. 1969 in Copenhagen

Royal Danish Academy of Arts 1989-95



2013 | Infinite Lines | Danske Grafikers Hus| Copenhagen

2011 | 4 Photos left & 7 to Right | Stalke Gallery

2010 | Kicking Up Dust | Rhode Contemporary | Copenhagen

2008 | 4th of July | Stalke Gallery

2006 | Calendar of Tomorrows | Thomas Rehbein Galeri | Köln

2006 | Double Date | Stalke/Sonnerup Gallery

2003 | Gathering Flowers to a Delicate Girl | Stalke/Sonnerup Gallery

2002 | Fountains of Mountains | art agents gallery | Hamborg

2001 | Users Club (artnode) | Statens Musuem for Kunst | Copenhagen

2001 | I Could be so Lucky, Lucky, Lucky (w/ Lena Malm) | Enkahuset | Stockholm

2000 | Touched By Your Presence | Nagamine Projects | Tokyo

2000 | Stalke Gallery | Copenhagen

1998 | Akershus Artcenter | Oslo

1995 | Nicky-Dicky | Master at Work | Århus



2014 |
Speculative Spaces : : Working Theses | The Luminary, St Louis MU
On View V | Stalke Gallery

2013 |
Freedom | National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen
Zeigen | Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen
On View IV | Stalke Gallery

2012 |
Silver Room | Sibboleth 39, Copenhagen
Guerialla Gardning | Århus
Torpedo18 |  AltChp, Kulturfabrikken, Copenhagen

2011 |
Litos Grafera | Art Center Silkeborg Bad
On view #1 |  Stalke Out of Space / FLINK
Selected Works | Stalke Galleri
Video on the Edge | Holsterbro ArtMuseum

2010 |
On Paper, Stalke galleri, Sonnerup
Det personlige er ikke et privat anliggende, Møstingshus, Copenhagen
Erotomania, Candy Coated Center, Phillidelphia
Photos @ Rohde Contemporary, Rohde Contemporary, Copenhagen

2009 |
LOVE, Rohde Contemporary. Copenhagen
Fototriennalen, Brandts Museet for Fotokunst, Odense
Swingtime: Freestyle, Charlotte Fogh Contemporary, Århus
ONE, Stalke up North, Copenhagen
Busan International Film and Video Festival, Korea
CPH:DOX Re-Thinking: National Museum of Contemporary art, Copenhagen
On View 1, Stalke Gallery, Sonnerup
The flower and the bee, National Museum of Contemporary art, Copenhagen

2008 |
A Mud in the stake a hole in the real,Tamayo Museum, Mexico
Blacklight, Basement, Copenhagen
CAAC, Centro Andaluz Arte Contemporáneo, Sevilla
Museo Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo (MARCO), Spanien
A mud in the stake a hole in the Real, Fundació Suñol, Barcelona
A Mud in the stake a hole in the Real, Kunsthalle Basel, Schweiz
Freestyle / Swingtime. Beaver Projects, Copenhagen
A mud in the stake a hole in the Real, Spike Island, Bristol
A Mud in the Stake a Hole in the Real, Centro de Arte Dos Mayo. Madrid

2007 |
Subtle whispering. Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Soul, Korea
ISCP, Open Studio, New York

2006 |  
Alrededor de todos juntos, una entra tantas, Projectesd, Barcelona
Unsere Kunst – Eure Kunst, Stadtgalerie Kiel
ArtCup 2006. Salon des Refuses. Huntly Social club
Esplanaden. Den Frie, Copenhagen

2005 |  
Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht, ZKM Karlsruhe
Reality, Stalke/Sonnerup Gallery, Kirke Såbye
2/15, Overgaden

2004 |
Canolfan, Nagoya, Japan
Residue. Reissen, Netherlands.
IdéBoxing. AROS Museum, Århus.
IdéBoxing, Randers Kunstmuseum.
Gallery SOAP, Kitakyushu, Japan
SuperDanish. Harbourfront Centre, Toronto/Canada.
RICE+, Tokyo, Japan
PASSWORD. CCGA Museum. Japan
International Biennale for Artists’ Books, Alexandria Library Egypt
Camouflage. M&S Institute. Oslo
SKIF-B, St. Petersborg, Russia
Radar, Copenhagen

2003 |
Rotho. Menegh Museum. Skt Petersborg/Russia
Urban Realities, JP galleri, Copenhagen
COURTisane, Gent
Nordic live Art, Göteborg Museum
IdéBoxing. Institute for contemporary art, Copenhagen

2002 |
Blind date, Brandts Klædefabrik
Eukabeuk, Chiang-Mai University Art Museum, Thailand
Art for Young men, Art Museum Tennispalatsi, Helsinki
On a clear day. Sophienholm. Denmark
MIRAGES une pratique de l'espace projeté, Maison de danemark, Paris
20 years in Danish art. Galleri Stalke Sonerup

2001 |
Techno-landscape, ICC Museum, Tokyo
Take-off 20:01, Århus Artmuseum
Dansk Videomanifesta, Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen
Vaerk, Knabstrup Factory
Shoot, Borås Artmuseum. Sweden
Dream operator, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin
High Density”. Overgaden
10 years Stalke out of space, Copenhagen

2000 |
Wunderwelt, Artagents Gallery, Hamborg
Wonderfull Copenhagen, StadtGalerie Kiel
Dive In, Kunstpanorama. Lucern
Portraitartig, Thomas Rehbein Gallery, Cologne
Sparwasser HQ, Berlin
365/2000, Muka Gallery. New Zealand
On the trace off, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center
Shoot, Malmø Kunsthall, Malmø
Standart - nordic live, Nafitaratti Club, Göteborg

1999 |
Utopia/distopia, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City
Signs of Life, 1st Melbourne International Biennial
New Life. Nagamine Project, Tokyo

Young & Seriuos-Recycled Image, Mucsarnok/Kunsthalle Budapest
Cities On the Move, Nasubi Gallery, Louisiana, Humlebæk
Artnode, National Museum of Contemporary art, Copenhagen
I love nature, OTTO, Copenhagen

Vision of Periphery, Carlos Falchi Galleri, New York
On Paper, Stalke gallery, Copenhagen

1998 |
Out of the North, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart
Wrapped, West Zealand Art Museum
Copenhagen Special, Depot. Vienna
Med på et afbud, Specta Gallery, Copenhagen
Videos aus Kopenhagen, Oberwelt. Stuttgart

1997 |
Kælder, OTTO, Copenhagen
Louisiana-exhibition, Louisiana, Humlebæk
Stalke Gallery, Copenhagen.

1996 |
When the Shit Hits the Fan, Ovengaden. Copenhagen
Electronic Undercurrents, National Museum of Contemporary art, Copenhagen
Artgenda. 1st. Eastsea Biennial. Copenhagen
Serval subjects, Projectroom at Stockholm SmartShow. w/ Stockholm
Update, Turbin Halls. Copenhagen
Coming Up, Stalke Gallery. Copenhagen

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