In September 1995 I saw a little newsgroup on the net, which where talking about George Michael.

Watching them talking I noticed a big frustration of not talking to George Michael directly, -only about him.

So I wrote them all a letter, where I explained that I would like to be George Michael for them.

They received the picture above, and a little story about my youth. When I was young, I only had One dream and that was to be a pop idol, and especially George Michael. I told them that I guess I ended up as an artist because I couldn't sing and wasn't looking good.

They where asked to write to me about their relation to me, my outlook and music.

During a period of a half year I received more than 400 letters.

Afterward I've must admit that I enjoyed getting mail, where people told me I was looking great and that they loved me. I can't help wondering about who's fooling who.


(The following letters are un-edited, but shorten by me, and the senders made anonymous.)